Crossderssers pantyhose legs


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Mazunos 2 years ago
The spanse of drugs arrests and adjudication is wide but much harsher than some murder convictions. Obviously selling drugs is a serious offense, but you're better off being charged with rape when it comes with sentencing. Something is serially wrong with that equation.
Zulkit 2 years ago
Back at ya AP! Things are wet but good.
Faular 2 years ago
mmhmm be suckin, milking those baby
Faegul 2 years ago
Despite all the criticism against Trump's style of communication, I still think he has class and he is not one for high falluting words that some leaders are fond of! I have not found any of Trump's speeches to be of hate but the truth rather. People don't like the truth because it shows their ignorance and wrongdoing. They would rather no one tells them they are doing wrong so they can continue but they fail to understand that the truth always sets someone free!

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